Spokane Burgers was inspired in part by a similar project in Louisville, and spurred on by a reddit thread (where there were many different claims about which restaurant in spokane has “the best” burger). Plus, it gives me the perfect excuse to eat plenty of cheeseburgers!

So here I am, on a mission to find the best cheeseburgers in Spokane. This blog will document the process, so others in our area can know which restaurants have “the best” burgers, and which need to step up their game.

How It Works

This page will tell you all about the rules for ordering to ensure the reviews are fair, and how the review scores are calculated.

French Fries

There are many different names for the same kinds of fries. This page establishes a single canonical name to be used throughout the site.

Get Involved

Whether it’s suggesting a restaurant or leaving a comment, this page will tell you how to get involved with the Spokane Burgers project.

Where to Get Started

There are a number of different things to explore on the Spokane Burgers site. Personally, I think the best place to get started is browsing through the reviews. Below are the five most recent reviews, as well as the current five highest scoring restaurants.