The reviews on this site are not necessarily statements of fact. Rather, they are simply reports of my personal experiences at various restaurants, combined with my opinion of the food.

Just because I had a bad experience, doesn’t mean you will. Just because the restaurant was dirty when I went, doesn’t mean that’s normal. Just because I didn’t like the food, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. You and I may like different things, and that’s OK. The scores I give to the restaurants reflect my personal tastes, so try to remember that.

These reviews will be based on a single visit to a single location. The time of day when I visit will vary, as will the day of week. Maybe I’ll get lucky and go on a “good day,” or maybe a normally awesome restaurant will be having an “off day.” So bear that in mind if something I say in a review seems out of character for a restaurant you know well.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the reviews will be based on a single dish and judged on how well that dish fits the specific parameters of this project. A low score is not necessarily indicative of the quality of a restaurant and its food. It may be the case that the food, while delicious, did not meet the criteria for a high score on this site.

I mean no harm in the reviews I write here. I’m not out to “get” anybody, and it’s not my intention to cause anyone to lose business. If anything, unfavorable reviews can be seen as an honest critique, and free advice for the restaurant owners on areas that could be improved.

If you feel I was unfairly critical of a particular restaurant, please let me know.