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Best Ever Cheeseburger

Post Street Ale House is a Spokane favorite for food and drinks, and has been for several years. It consistently ranks well in local polls, and a visit to the restaurant makes it easy to see why.

Post Street Ale House is part of the Davenport family of hospitality businesses, which could be viewed as both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because the Davenport name carries with it a certain air of quality and class. A curse, because with a dozen hotels, restaurants, and bars in the Davenport Hotel Collection, it could be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

As soon as I saw they had a burger on their menu called the “Best Ever Cheeseburger,” I knew I couldn’t delay in making my way downtown to review it.

The Burger

The “Best Ever Cheeseburger” from Post Street Ale House is an Angus Beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onions, Ale House sauce, and pickles (which I asked be left off the burger), all nestled inside a toasted sesame seed bun.

My waitress asked how I liked my burger cooked, and as usual I asked for there to be no pink.

The burger that was eventually placed in front of me was not especially good-looking, but neither was it repellent. It certainly looked appetizing, but shouldn’t the “best ever” burger look as good as it tastes? The bun was a bit smushed down, and the giant lettuce leaf dwarfed the patty.

Thankfully, the flavor of this burger overpowered any misgivings I may have had as a result of looking at it. The bun was very buttery and toasted perfectly, leaving the outsides soft. The patty was cooked properly, and although it was just a tad drier than I would have liked, it had fantastic flavor. The amount of salt and pepper on the burger was perfect, and something I really appreciated while eating.

The Ale House sauce was a nice accompaniment, although I wish it would have been evenly spread across the top bun, rather than dolloped onto the center of the burger.

Despite being huge, the lettuce added a nice texture, and all of the ingredients seemed to be quite fresh.

The Fries

If you thought the lettuce dwarfed the burger, just take a look at that mountain of shoestring fries! How many potatoes are in my basket, anyway?

Unfortunately, the size of the pile was the only truly good thing about these fries. They arrived lukewarm and quickly lost what little heat was left in them. They were very dry and chewy, and hardly crispy at all. Some were completely crunchy, however, and I found several overcooked fries in the pile.

I never could decide if they didn’t have enough salt, or if the salt was simply amplifying some other flavor that wasn’t very good. Either way, the fries tasted pretty bland, and at times I could taste more cooking oil than potato. Despite this, they were only a little bit greasy.

The Price

A price of $10.50 seems a small price to pay for the “best ever” cheeseburger. The burger itself commands such a price, but it’s the fries that make me feel like I’m overpaying. I did eat everything, however, and after conquering Mt. Fries, I’m definitely full.

The Restaurant

Located on the corner of Post and Sprague, Post Street Ale House has some prime downtown real estate. The large windows along Post Street let in plenty of natural light, and I really enjoyed the music they were playing.

The dining room has some noticeable crumbs and dust in the areas that would be easily overlooked during cleaning, which while not unsurprising, is disappointing to see in a Davenport property.

My first glass of water tasted weird, and I never could figure out why. I also wasn’t sure if the weird flavor was missing from subsequent glasses of water, or if I had simply grown used to it. My server was very attentive, and refilled my glass without me having to prompt her.

The bar had a nice selection of taps and a decent collection of liquors.

The bathroom was actually the nicest part of the restaurant, being both very clean as well as aesthetically pleasant. Getting into and out of the bathroom was awkward, however, as the doors to the bathrooms are located uncomfortably close to a large table. You may actually have to shimmy past some people to get to one of the unisex bathrooms, which is unpleasant for everyone involved.

If you’re downtown with a group of friends, Post Street Ale House would be a great place to stop in for a bite or some drinks. There’s plenty of space and a nice atmosphere that will welcome groups of all sizes.

The real star here is the food, though. I actually wrote in my notes, “this is a damn good burger,” and it’s true. It’s probably not the “best ever,” but it’s one of the best I’ve eaten in Spokane, and deserves a place on your “must try” list.

Post Street Ale House
1 North Post Street, Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 789-6900

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