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Run of the Mill

From the outside, Timber Gastro Pub appears impressive, almost imposing. Step inside and you’ll be greeted by not only a pleasant smoky smell, but a restaurant with a perfectly balanced aesthetic, which could possibly be described as “rustic chic.”

The menu has a mouthwatering array of options, but I came here to eat a cheeseburger. Limit yourself to that section of the menu, and you’ll still be faced with making a difficult choice. For me, though, the choice was easy: The Run of the Mill burger was the only one on the menu that resembled a… Well, a run-of-the-mill burger.

But how well does this pedestrian name represent the burger?

The Burger

The Run of the Mill burger looked well put together, with meat and cheese making strong first impressions. That should come as no surprise, considering all of the burgers at Timber Gastro Pub come with 2 quarter-pound patties. The Run of the Mill burger also has 2 slices of cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, diced red onions, a tomato slice, house made pickles (although I ordered mine without the pickles), and Timber sauce. I couldn’t quite figure out what exactly Timer sauce was, but it was good, so I’m not complaining.

Every day, Timber’s patties are ground in-house using a blend of Choice Angus and all natural pork belly, and then hand pressed. This attention to detail shines all the way through the cooking process, as the pair of patties on my burger were perfectly cooked, with plenty of juice still in them and no pink in sight. They were excellently seasoned and tasted great.

The bun was soft, buttery, and toasted just the right amount. It had an incredible flavor that really contributed to the overall taste of the burger. The bun seemed to have a hard time holding everything in, however, which made eating the Run of the Mill burger somewhat of a messy experience. That’s OK, though, because the taste more than made up for any mess on my hands afterward.

The biggest downside of this burger for me was the lettuce. Everything else seemed pretty fresh, but the lettuce was visibly browning at the edges and just starting to wilt. I enjoyed the flavor and texture the lettuce brought to the burger, but I would have enjoyed it more if the lettuce had been fresh.

The Fries

The burgers at Timber Gastro Pub are served with seasoned standard cut fries. The good things I can say about them are that they were decently crispy and not the least bit greasy.

But that seasoning. Ugh. I don’t mind seasoned fries, and the seasoning on my fries may actually have been good, had there been a lot less of it. The fries were dramatically over-seasoned, to the point where it made eating the fries more of a chore than a pleasure. I couldn’t taste potatoes at all, only the salty, herby seasoning.

When my food was brought to my table, a bottle of house made ketchup was also delivered. I don’t usually dip my fries in ketchup, but I needed something to help mask the overwhelming taste of the seasoning, so nearly every fry got a healthy coating.

Speaking of the ketchup, it had a pleasant fresh flavor. On its own it was a bit too sweet for my taste, but the saltiness of the fries tempered that.

I wouldn’t have been sad with hotter fries, but they were far from cold, and frankly they had bigger issues than their temperature.

It would be worth asking if you can order the fries without the seasoning—or rather, ask that they be seasoned only with salt. I suspect this is possible, as the seasoning is probably added after cooking. Be aware that this might cause the ketchup to taste a bit too sweet.

The Price

The Run of the Mill burger from Timber Gastro Pub will run you $13 before tax. That puts it on the pricier end of the spectrum, and I’m conflicted about this one when it comes to value.

In my opinion, the burger on its own is phenomenal, and the other burgers all sound incredible. But the Run of the Mill burger is the least expensive of the bunch, and since the fries dragged down the whole experience for me, it’s hard to say the price is “worth it.”

The Restaurant

Timber Gastro Pub is a very cool place. The facade is trendy, moving away from its former iconic status as the Hot Rod Cafe, and successfully creating a new icon in Post Falls.

As I said before, the smell of smoke hits you as you walk in the door, and it smells incredible. I couldn’t help but smile, and I’m pretty sure I started to salivate just thinking about what was waiting for me.

The restaurant has a large, open feel to it, but still manages to carve out some cozy, intimate areas in the bar. Large windows all the way around the building let in tons of natural light, and enjoyable music was playing overhead at just the right volume.

The dining room was mostly clean, with a few crumbs and dried up drips noticeable on the tables and floor. The ketchup bottle that was brought to my table along with my food was very sticky, which was quite an unpleasant surprise.

Each table had a flip top bottle of water, allowing you to refill your glass as necessary. I drink plenty of water, so it was nice to know I’d have a ready supply on hand throughout the meal, and wouldn’t have to rely on anyone to notice my empty glass. The bottle of water was especially appreciated toward the end of my meal, when the salty seasoning on the fries made me really thirsty.

The bathroom was mostly clean, and felt relatively classy.

My waitress was pleasant, but not what I would describe as friendly. Her answers to an adjacent table’s questions were brisk and not terribly descriptive. For example, one person asked, “can you tell us about the wings?” Her reply was simply, “they’re good,” and then left it to the diners to ask followup questions in order to extract more information from her.

Looking at the score, I’m disappointed. The Run of the Mill burger is anything but. It’s a great burger being dragged down by a handful of little disappointments.

If you were to ask me, “should I visit Timber Gastro Pub?” I would definitely say “yes!” The burger alone was worth the trip, and if you can handle the seasoning on the fries—or better yet, get them seasoned with only salt—then you’ll have a thoroughly enjoyable meal.

Timber Gastro Pub
1610 E Schneidmiller Ave Post Falls, ID 83854
(208) 262-9593

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