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The Naked Gun

True Legends Grill in Liberty Lake has had seven years to become the self-described “premiere restaurant and sports bar” in that city. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the place over the years, and despite having previously worked in Liberty Lake, I had never eaten there.

I stopped by for lunch recently, and after finally figuring out how to get inside the building (the door is oddly hard to find, and even the Inlander described it as being “like a maze”), I tried out The Naked Gun—not the movie, the burger.

The Burger

There isn’t a simple cheeseburger on the menu at True Legends Grill, but adding a slice of cheddar cheese to The Naked Gun burger got me the kind of classic cheeseburger I was looking for.

The menu described The Naked Gun simply: “Flame broiled Angus patty topped with lettuce, tomato and onions.” Imagine my surprise when it came topped with a pickle spear and pickle slices. Thankfully none of the pickles adversely affected the flavor of the burger, which was pretty nice.

The Angus patty was well cooked, juicy, and seasoned nicely. All of the toppings were fresh, and the lettuce and diced white onions both added a nice crunch, balancing the softness of the bun.

The bun itself was relatively bland, and was barely toasted. Part of the bottom bun was fairly soggy, which definitely detracted from the texture.

The Fries

The fries that came with The Naked Gun at True Legends Grill were seasoned steak fries. The seasoning was applied very inconsistently, and wasn’t anything amazing. In fact, it tasted like some generic spice mix I could buy at the grocery store. I’d rather just have salt on my fries. The ranch dipping sauce was pretty good, though.

The fries didn’t arrive terribly hot, and while some fries were crispy, most were not. One of them even seemed slightly undercooked.

The Price

The Naked Burger at True Legends Grill was $9.99. At least, that was the price on the menu. It may actually cost $10.99, though, as that was the price on my receipt.

“Ah,” you may say, “but you added a slice of cheese, so that’s why it cost more.” Perhaps, but I don’t see clear evidence of that. The receipt had 2 lines. The first line said, “Naked Burger $10.99” and the second line said, “+cheddar” with an empty price column.

Look, I don’t mind paying an extra dollar for the cheese—in fact, I expected to. What bothers me is it wasn’t clear whether I paid for the cheese, or whether the price of the burger had changed in the ordering system, but not on the menu.

Anyway, this burger was either $10 or $11 before tax.

The Restaurant

I’ll tell you about the ambience of True Legends Grill in a moment, but first, I have to tell you about the napkin at my place setting. All of the tables in the dining room had napkins and silverware already set at each seat. The napkin at my place setting had been used, but that didn’t stop someone from folding it up, replacing it at the table, and putting silverware on top of it (which I didn’t use, because who knows if it was dirty as well?). I get that a customer may have used the napkin and returned it, but I still felt disgusted, and fair or not, it left a pretty negative impression on me.

The thing is, had this been an isolated incident, I would be more willing to overlook it. Unfortunately, my table had crumbs on it, and a rather sizable ketchup smear dried on the tablecloth. Other tables around me had crumbs, and the chairs and floor were likewise dirty. Bear in mind this was all observed within 30 minutes of the restaurant opening, which means it was probably cleaned inadequately the night before.

The window sill at my table also had some kind of dried gunk on it, topped off with a dead spider. It’s a shame the spider was dead, because a fly was pestering me during the whole meal.

Entering the restaurant was a little off-putting. After solving the maze of which door you’re supposed to use to get in, you’re presented with a choice of two dining rooms: One for family dining, and the other for the sports bar, which apparently has a 230 inch TV. That’s not a typo. The family dining room is where I sat, although it also has several TVs.

The décor was somewhat scattered, with movie memorabilia on the walls mixed with sports insignias. The music didn’t fit the theme the restaurant seemed to be going for, and was oddly loud for how few people were in the dining room (although I would wager it’s probably appropriate if the room is full).

The dining room had decent natural light, but other areas appeared dark. The kitchen was surprisingly noisy. My waitress was very friendly and generally attentive.

The bathroom was very bright, which was a surprise. It’s a good thing the bathroom was clean, because given how it bright it was, any mess would have stood out like a sore thumb.

The parking lot was dirty as well, with cigarette butts scattered all over the place.

The Naked Gun burger at True Legends Grill was only so-so, and given the price and my dining experience, I probably won’t be back. The burger wasn’t terrible (actually, it was the best part of my visit), but the final score is being pulled down by all of the other negative aspects of the restaurant.

If this is Liberty Lake’s “premiere restaurant,” I feel bad for the people who live in Liberty Lake.

True Legends Grill
1803 N Harvard Rd, Liberty Lake, WA 99019
(509) 892-3077

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